My work

Minecraft Party Board game

2015 – Minecraft Party! – 1.8

Minecraft Spongebob Replica

2013-2015 – Minecraft Spongebob Replica – 1.7 – Abandoned/Incomplete  

Minecraft Pinball

2013 – Pinball – 1.6

Minecraft Mini Golf

The story behind this world is rather intresting. The inital idea here wasen’t for this to be an incomplete download with some weird qwirks in the world. Origionally, this was meant to be a whole server world. At the time I was tossing around the idea of making a server, and this was the second… Continue reading Minecraft Mini Golf

Minecraft Hungry Hungry Humans

2013 – Hungry hungry humans – 1.5  

Algodoo Recycle Pinball


Algodoo Counting Sheep

I have no idea what year this is from. Lets say 2015~ish

Minecraft Hurricane Simulator

I made this as a proof of concept for the new /clone feature added in the 1.8 snapshot.

Minecraft Iphone 5

2013 – Iphone 5 – 1.5

RedstoneMC Server

RedstoneMC was my original server, founded in 2014. It opened after a month of beta testing, in which one person attended the grand opening. The main attractions were the cart wash, museums and metro system. These are the 2014 promotional images. And here are the 2015 promotional images.

ImagineMC Server

In the years after RedstoneMC opened, we decided to make a shift from trying to be a jack of all trades, (at the time we were offering a themepark, hotel, bank, village of tomorrow, survival, creative, etc) to focusing on entertainment. We also had strayed away from the original redstone theme, meaning that the original… Continue reading ImagineMC Server

Algodoo Alien Pinball

This algodoo project has been my longest in development, going from 2013-2017. It is, to my knowledge, the most advanced pinball machine made in algodoo, featuring missions and multiball.

Algodoo Picture Ball Machine

2015, 2017

Algodoo Shooting Range


Algodoo Arcade Shooting Range


S.H.I.E.L.D. Transporter

The SHIELD Transporter is my personal car, which is a 2011 Kia soul. Its been decked out with door decals(x2), parking pass, ID Badge, back window logo, and license plate cover. The concept was to make my car look like it was a field vehicle for responding to incidents in the real world.

Papers Please in C++


Algodoo Automated Ball Machine

The video listed is from 2012, you can actually see some of the diffrences between that version and the current one in the photo. I first created this is 2012 and have been tweaking it over the years. The most recent and significant improvement (as of 2017) is the new anti-ball loss system, where if a… Continue reading Algodoo Automated Ball Machine

Minecraft Polar Express

Released in 2015, this was the first vehicle based replica I’ve ever done.  I got the idea to do this after going on a simulation that used clips of the train ride from the movie at seaworld. This is the most popular video I’ve ever released, even though I think some of my other work… Continue reading Minecraft Polar Express

MOSI in 2017

Ever since I was 5 I’ve been going to MOSI. Back in my day it was much different, with the second floor having the orange factory, and an entire interactive exhibit about Florida. On the third floor they had exhibits about space and aeronautics. I remember going there and “processing oranges,” and then afterwards watching… Continue reading MOSI in 2017

Algodoo Jaws Ride Replica

This was one of my first audio synchronized videos. It was also the 2nd version of the jaws ride of which I had built, thus starting a wave of replicas I never realized would become so successful and long lasting.   For anyone that’s interested, here’s the video of the V1 version. In this version… Continue reading Algodoo Jaws Ride Replica

Algodoo Marble Machine

This was one of the final things I created in Algodoo. I created this on a long car trip from Florida to Iowa, where for the majority of the time I did not have internet, so I instead spent most of my time (besides being bored) working on this machine, which is based off another… Continue reading Algodoo Marble Machine