ImagineMC Server

In the years after RedstoneMC opened, we decided to make a shift from trying to be a jack of all trades, (at the time we were offering a themepark, hotel, bank, village of tomorrow, survival, creative, etc) to focusing on entertainment. We also had strayed away from the original redstone theme, meaning that the original name no longer made sense for our new image, hence the name change. Below are the promotional pictures from 2015.

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and 2016

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On December 8th 2016 it was announced that the ImagineMC server would be closing, with further details explained in the video.

Origionally, the to be continued… at the end of the video was going to be a video series about the history and progression of the server although, to my surprise after the announcement was made, there was a huge outcry of support and sadness, which I had not at all expected, so two further videos were posted hinting at the revival.

Finally after a new sponsorship with McJukebox, ImagineMC was able to re-open in March of 2017

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